As I approach the coming new year

I belong to a wonderful online quilting group called StashBusters. It is devoted to encouraging its members to use what they already have, rather than spend more money on yet more fabric or tools or patterns that will empty the bank account, take up space and cause regret. We are not the stereotypical hoarders of reality TV infamy; we just love fabric and what we can make from it for our own enjoyment and to share with others.

Recently, we had an online conversation about what happens — or should happen — when we die. Horror stories were recounted about dead quilters whose lovingly collected stash was tossed in a landfill because grieving, frustrated and overwhelmed relatives did not recognize its value. Value, of course, means many things. It can mean ca$h value, obviously. It can mean emotional attachment. It can represent a cache of hopes and dreams invested in the warp and weft of the fabric. It can embody a deep-seated belief in the future, a certainty that I will be present on that new day and that I will live (and sew) that day to its fullest.

I am an Old Broad. I am 67 years old. I do not know how many new days remain to me. I have no family. My fabric stash — also the books, the CDs, the pets, everything I treasure — may end up thrown away, forgotten and never used or appreciated. I hope my executor gets to my home before my landlord can bring in a bulldozer to clear it out to make ready for the next tenant.

Which brings me to 2013 — the year of enjoying what I have — my fabric stash; my friends; my beloved Brownie, the dog, and Cyndi, the cat; my books; my talent (such as it is) — and using what I have to the fullest. An added benefit is to make it as easy as possible for those  who survive me to deal with the detritus of my untidy life.

2013, for me, is devoted to wiping the slate clean (not to mention cleaning my
filthy house).

Scrutinize = evaluate and be realistic.
Keep = what is loved and will be used.
Toss = the maybes, the somedays, the what-was-I-thinking, the guilt.
Prioritize = choose and finish.
Steady = one seam here, one quilt block there, one sentence, one paragraph and soon I am done.
Sort = I will never use what I cannot find.
Done = the goal.
Fun = the process (and why I do these crazy things).

I believe in tomorrow. I believe I will be here to enjoy it. I am open to the new. I will not be imprisoned by the old. I will finish what I have begun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Old Broad and her Chronicles


About myramae

I am quirky, passionate, political, artsy, fat & sassy, and growing older by the minute. Welcome to Senior World. Our motto is: Do not go gentle into that good night. (Thank you, Dylan Thomas)
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8 Responses to As I approach the coming new year

  1. Marguerita says:

    Great post! I am going to copy some of it for my own goals – thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Lisa B says:

    Really enjoyed this! Merry Christmas to you, too! I think you cannot truly be an “old broad” until you’re 87. So there are many years to sort and sew and share I hope!

    • Jocelyne says:

      My 89.5 year old mother would take exception to your comment….. there is no such thing as an “old broad”. lol lol

  3. Dana says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Myra. I truly appreciate your post. Thank you for helping to clear up some of my ‘muddy’ thinking. You were able to clearly define priorities that, as a fellow srashbuster I feel, but hadn’t yet worked into coherent thoughts.
    We are only 1 year apart in age, I’ve not yet become an ‘old broad’, that is only because I refuse to grow up, I think that I’m young at heart. I HAVE heard it said that I’m just childish….Oh well..
    Stitch on!

  4. Sadie Long says:

    Great sentiments Myra! I will be right here with you doing the same at my home. Let’s do it!
    Lisa in Georgia

  5. Sue Munn says:

    Excellent post, Myra. I’m also going to adopt your goals. I don’t quite consider myself an “old broad” yet (or you, either), even as I sit here falling apart physically! Fell and broke my wrist December 4th- very frustrating as I had sewing, quilting, and crocheting to finish before Christmas. Then Saturday I was just sitting here reading Stashbuster posts when I got weird stringy black floaters in my right eye. Emergency trip to eye doctor- separation of the vitreous body from the back of the eye, not awful, it’s an age thing and will heal itself. Oh, and by the way, a significant cataract on my left eye- we’ll be talking about surgery for that in January. And I’m just about to turn 59. This series of events has given me pause-when the cast comes off, time to regroup and get busy!

    Sue in Marion, IN
    Home of The Quilters’ Hall of Fame

    • myramae says:

      Sue — It seems almost odd to “talk” to someone from StashBusters who lives just 30 miles away, instead of halfway across the globe. The eye situation sounds scarier than it probably is. I had mild cataracts that didn’t interfere with my sight, but there’s no medical treatment and they would only get worse. So, about two years ago, I had the cataract surgery on both eyes. I can testify that the results are amazing: clear vision INSTANTLY. Also, there is NO PAIN, just a couple of weeks applying drops to keep the eyes moist and prevent infection. BTW, I grew up in Portland in Jay County and did my student teaching at Marion High School — Go Giants!


  6. Sixty-seven is not old, but any age is a good age to use up the fabric that you’ve been saving for the “special” occasion. It’s like not using your nice china until you have a specific reason or saving a pretty dress until you have just the right occasion. Use it now. Enjoy it now. And, yes, Stashbusters is a great way to have an even better excuse to use up that fabric. It’s my first year in the UFO challenge, and I can’t wait!
    Erin near Chicago

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